animation exporting

so is there a way to import sound into synfig…if not is there a movie editing software besides windows moviemaker, that will allow you to create video files with sound?

Unforyunately not, no sound in Synfig.
There is a bunch of video editors that let you stitch audio and video together. I use Kdenlive and are happy with that. Then there’s openshot and cinelerra. Also FFmpeg is really powerful not as intuitive as you do everything by typing commands. For windows I don’t know of any free ones but there is Vegas and Premiere.

thats kinda lame…its not really a quality cartoon without sound…kinda wish that once you rendered the cartoon it gave you a movie not a pile of images… that you really cant do anything with unless you have a another program…

Yes! A big button labeled “make mine animation” is definitely in my wishlist.
Who has the time for image sequences when one could press play on tape for whopping wma or mov directly, no need for intermediate formats here. No, sir! And sorry for the sarcastic tone.

Lack of audio in Synfig is a bummer. Are you or anyone in your family a programmer? We could need a helping hand on implementing audio. Both mono and stereo.

Yeah, the lack of sound import in Synfig is a big bummer, but it isn’t really necessary in the animation process if you’re moving through with the storyboard first.

XD I usually plan the storyboards with hand-drawn sketches, music and voice, then composite them in any video editor (I either use Premiere Pro or Blender’s Image Sequence, the latter which is awesome, but might ditch both in favour of Lightworks when it comes out) when map the timing into an X-Sheet in order to animate in Synfig. That’s always been the basics of animation so no worries.

So yeah, X-Sheet rules! Look up JLipsync and Blender. :mrgreen: AND Audacity.