Animation doesn't render correctly

Hi! I’ve been fooling around a bit with Synfig and I’ve just done the ‘Shiny Effects’ tutorial. Now there’s just one problem, and this is it:

I don’t see any text, do you? In the normal editing file everything is good and when I preview everything shows up as expected. But when I render, it just doesn’t work. Any ideas as to how and why this happens?

Here is the .sifz file:

PS: I’m a Windows user and it seems I’m using Synfig 0.61.08.

In GNU/Linux with 0.61.08 and magic++ works fine:

Ummm… Don’t know what to tell you there… Here’s what it looks like for me using gif as the target. (Windows XP, Synfig 0.61.08)

Admittedly not as smooth as the magickpp version, but I cannot get magickpp to compile in under Windows. :frowning:

Try some experiments - Does it create a series of PNGs OK? How about rendering a single GIF frame? Do different color backgrounds make any difference (i.e. is it black text or invisible text?)


Well, here it is:

It seems he doesn’t render correctly if I put the quality to ‘0’. I just don’t understand why the little ‘spark’ does get rendered, but the text isn’t. And just to know for sure: if the quality is set to ‘0’, I’ll get the maximum quality, don’t I?

BTW: the difference with the magick++ render is gigantic! :open_mouth:

Ahhhh… Hmmmmm… Well here’s a possible reason why…

You and I obviously used different quality levels when rendering. When the text layer was implemented, it met the basic needs. I think Darco described it as a ‘quick hack’. Specifically, there is a function that is used for better rendering that isn’t supported by the text layer. See … adial_blur in the wish list.

So that may be why you see the star, but not the text.


So it’s kinda like a bug, right?

I think it’s technically an unimplemented feature - Synfig is only at 0.61.08 :wink:

But yes, if we were at Synfig 1.0, it would be a bug.


Its really very nice text animation.The light that pass through the text & it become star,Its really great work.I appreciate your skill.
Can you tell me how to make animation text.Which software you h ave use?I like your work.I also want to make thsi type of text in my project heading.

You can do the tutorial :smiley: