Animation Completed!

I have finished my latest animation…It is miles away from perfection , but for the first time I used distortions (the warp tool) to make pages turn…

I would really love to know your opinions…don’t be too harsh though :smiley: for I am no professional :blush: !

Thanks in advance…


My opinions?
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Oh thank you so much angik20! you made my day :slight_smile:

I like it. Nice colors, colorful drawings (did you make those in Synfig too?) and for what it’s worth, I don’t like peas either. :wink:
I would make the page turns a bit faster and fix the nasty jitter of the mum her shoulder on the last page, but that is nothing more then me nitpicking, really. Thumbs up and I can’t wait for the next story!

Thank you darkspace65…you’re right the last scene is horrible… animation wise… :laughing:… I was a bit tired and struggling with the synfig software ( it kept crashing), so I rendered it in spite of its defects…

I haven’t used any other software for the drawings…it’s all "Made in Synfig " :wink:

And by the way, I hate peas ! I have never eaten a pea in my life! …

Once again thank you for having taken the time to write a comment about the animation.


I Suppose you solve your installation bad adventures ! (at least i hope!)

Very nice work the drawing and animation you did !
I agree with the page turn remark, could be faster, and also, i found the sound fade at 23s is too fast…

Wait for the next … :wink:

Hi d.j.a.y…Thanks for your comment …I will try to take all your remarks into account when doing the next animation…especially that they are a hundred percent true…I am learning from my mistakes and from your remarks…They are valuable to me.

As for the installation…I am working with a badly installed synfig. 064 …(it crashes a lot and the synfig logo is not even there)…Svarov , Bless him , has emailed me a set of instructions …I am yet to follow them and see what the result is. If it is successful, I’ll let everyone in the forum know…I promise…