animation 'bounces' around 'stop points' -- no precision

I’m a new user with no experience of similar programs. Using Windows 7 with latest version Synfig.

I have created a simple animation where the objects go to a certain fixed point and then across the canvas to another point.
But what I see when the anim runs as preview is that the objects do not stop precisely at the specified points: the default seems that they stop ‘elastically’, ie. bounce around the point before stopping.

What I require for my simple animation is that the objects move from one point to another with ‘military precision’ and without the ‘bouncing around’ effect.

Sorry, I’ve tried to browse through any relevant Wikis without finding mention of how to change what I imagine is a simple setting somewhere.


Hi cuyocksol,
the behavior you’ve seen is normal for the default interpolation mode. The default interpolation mode when you create a waypoint is defined by the defaults at the toolbox. The default interpolation when you run Synfig Studio for the first time is TCB which is the Kochanek–Bartels spline with all its parameters set to 0.
Synfig has other types of predefined interpolations, one of them is the lineal interpolation that might be the one you want to use.
You can alternatively change the default interpolation to any of the available by clicking on the toolbox drop down button or editing the created waypoint by a right click over it.
If you decide to tweak the TCB parameters you can do it by editing the waypoint and using the Curves panel to see how does the profile of the parameter change along the time when the Tension, Continuity and Bias values are modified. But I think that Lineal interpolation should do the work.

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