Animating with drawn images.


I have more questions, eager to produce some material with Synfig. :slight_smile: I use the draw tool a lot because it works well with my tablet, but sometimes just changing poses of an already existing layer isn’t enough, I’d like to switch between layers, entirely replacing them. Almost like classic frame by frame, but with b-line layers.

There are some objects that require all different number of points and tangents, it’s difficult to tweak the pose of one layer into these different objects. Is there a workaround for this limitation? My current workaround is very cumbersome, it involves storing the animation in layers and switching the amount for each frame.

Including an example pic of what I mean. Thanks!

I have a small trick to work in that approaching. Look this thread. Ask here or there if you need more info to understand how it works.

It can be adapted to any kind of switching layers. For example the eyes can be attached to the head and same for the mouth. Even you can create keyframes for the phonemes that implies a change on the canvas and also a movement on the part of the face that is not switching.


I see, basically you are switching the canvas parameter to reference another canvas. Very nice way of doing it! Thanks for the reply! However, I cannot see this switched in the time line editor, so I have no idea where the images switch by simply looking at it.

This has a solution. The canvas parameter shows by default the waypoints of the children layers it has (if it is a inline canvas or a paste canvas from exported one like the example). But the waypoints of the canvas itself is not shown. We don’t have (at last I don’t have) a clear feasible and definitive solution for that, but dooglus came in with a woraround. Synfigstudio has environment variables used. If you modify the environment variable called: SYNFIG_SHOW_CANVAS_PARAM_WAYPOINTS you can make the canvas parameter waypoints to be shown there instead of the summary of the children layers.

in other words:


I wish to make it a optional parameter in the Setup dialog to be hot changed.

Yes but not only that. Look carefully the file and see how I created a bline with two points in the fore arm that define a rotation direction for the hand in the switched canvases. Play with it and you’ll see the real trick.


Yes, I noticed that. Thanks!