Animating text in multiple languages

Hi All!

I’m trying to make an animation involving the same word in multiple languages. If I paste the word I want into a text layer the text shows properly in the params window but only as gibberish on the canvas. Is there a font I can change it to that will make this work better? Should I screen shot the text and import it as an image?

What is the advice?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Probably the default font don’t have support for your special characters.
You can use another font in Synfig but unfortunately there is no dropdown list of your installed fonts. You can however type the name of the font in the “Font Family” field in the text layer.
Look in your /.fonts folder for the names of your fonts.

I have tried now to enter the font’s name in the “font family” field and I have also pasted the path to the font. Neither have worked. And now neither did coping the .font file into the where the synfig saved file is.

Ok, should have worked. I just tried as I wrote my last reply to make sure.

Next step, what system do you use?

I found the best way to use text with synfig… write the text in inkscape, convert it to paths, then import/export it into synfig.
I’ve found inkscape to be better with text, especially exotic characters. Also, if the text is converted to vectors, it won’t matter if you move the file to another computer without the font installed

Windows 7

Pasting the full path of the font should work.