Animating Shinta

My first trial using Synfig. I use the rotation, translation, scaling, tweening and masking animation. And of course the powerful encapsulation.

This is the video :

I draw the concept on a paper. Then I make the vector in InkScape and then load it in Synfig and animate it. The images can be seen here.

The original concept:

The vectorized image in InkScape:

Loaded vector in Synfig with Blur layer to make it looks like anime style:

Sources: … ng-shinta/ … ng-shinta/

I love the fact that she hasn’t got black outlines - although that works for many things I’ve always loved the softness of cartoons done without them and for Shinta it works perfectly.

Thanks for commenting.

I am new to Synfig. I try to translate what I can do in Flash to Synfig.
Next time I will challenge myself to use outline.

Although I think Synfig handles outlines much better than Flash, particularly since it has Advanced Outline layers, I still think Shinta looks nicer without outlines. She looks soft and dream-like.

Very interesting style indeed.

Thank you.

Advance outline truly rocks! I want to try to use it on my experiment next time.

artediand, would you please request to post your work in the website Gallery? Once requested we can approve it and make it public.

Great stuff there!

Thank you. I will soon upload it.