Animating hairstrands

Currently im still experimenting, since i don’t have much experience with synfig. But has anyone tried out to animate hair strands and has some good tips how to do it in a good way?

My problem is, that i have single strands with a outline, that continues inward, while the strands are overlapping. Like in this picture: … &id=952909 (Highest point left to the barrette)

So i guess i will have to fill the strands each seperatly. But how can i then apply shadings to single strands and shadings to all strands, without influencing the outlines.

PS: I know, i want the impossible :mrgreen:

Yes, you have to fill the hair strands separately. But remember that you can move any layer anywhere in the layer stack, so an outline (which is linked to its region) doesn’t need to be exactly over the region. The outlines can be grouped to be always onto the regions.
Also, it is possible to create layer clones (not simple but in two steps) that can be used for the fills and applied gradients anywhere.

Clone a layer recipe:

  1. Duplicate
  2. Select layer and its duplicate.
  3. Link Vertex list and link Origin


Thank you, but hoped that there was a faster way.

Well, I downloaded the example image and (tried) making the hair shapes in synfig. Just making the outlines is rather slow. I didn’t make any of the internal regions, but no doubt doing those would be a pain.

I think the “BLine Tool” has much to be desired. Firstly, it cannot create just the BLine. You always end up with some Layer, which does have the BLine inside of it. But when I’m just laying BLines around I would prefer no layers to be created (only exported BLines).

Second, it should allow to create new BLines which include parts of already existing BLines. So once one has all the outlines layed out, it should be much easier to create the required regions by following those already existing BLines.

My idea was to allow to “land” at any point of a BLine (or at any of the vertexes), follow it some amount (or up to the end), then “take off” from it, possibly landing again on another (or the same BLine) or simply following some new user defined vertexes.

Like this it should be much easier to define Regions which are bounded by Outlines. The Outlines and the Regions could follow different arcs of each BLine without any problems. And it would probably be good to have the tool “Connect” all of those BLines for you, so that editting the “source” BLines will adjust everything accordingly avoiding gaps and such.

I’ll try coding this sometime (don’t get your hopes up, though). Let’s hope it’s not too much work. :wink:
Any suggestions are appreciated also.

Hey Yoyobuae!
welcome back to the coding vice :wink:

Hehe, let’s see how far I can get this time around. :wink: