Animating Archer

Hey all,

I’ve been working on a series of short animations with Synfig (currently in progress) with semi-realistic characters and backgrounds. Most of is is drawn in Inkscape and exporeted in Synfig where I do all of the animation and even some of the editing (cutting from one zoom to another for effect).


I’m a big fan of the Archer animated show and am looking a lot at their technique and trying to reproduce what they are doing (in my own style and subject matter and even in a different language) and I’ve found this article very interesting.

It seems they draw the characters in Illustrator and create the backgrounds in a 3d programand paint them so they don’t look too ‘3d’ (artificial).

I want to create 3d backgounds in Blender at some point (and export them in 2d) but I’m putting my time in the character creation and animation at this point. My backgrounds are pictures I’ve taken and drawn over in Inkscape. It works, but it’s not nearly as beautiful as what they do with archer.

I’m curious to know what your whole process is for your own projects and am interesting in hearing what you think about the show, the animation and their process.

Found this short film showing the highlights of production.