Animating an arm with rotation

Hi there,

I want to modell an arm, consisting of the fore arm and the upper arm. I want to construct it out of filled BLines.
Now I want to animate that by adding rotation modifiers at the shoulder and the elbow.
How can I make it that the fore arm BLine and the upper arm BLine keep connected when manipulating them like this?
I think I cannot make the arm out of one single BLine and add the rotation modifier only to the vertices of the fore arm, or can I? (I don’t want to animate vertex by vertex. I want to use rotators like the cutout sample)

Thanks for your help.

Hi Tosek,
what you’re asking is perfectly doable with a bone system that is not currently implemented on the stable binaries.
If you create the arm and forearm in sepeated layers and use rotations for each, you need to point animate the joints to match them during rotation.
See an example here: