animated z depth is not displayed correctly

animated z depth parameter is not displayed correctly when animated (it’s value changes but it’s not affected in the canvas area along time), I tried both creating a new file and opening the already made on the wiki:

both weren’t displayed correctly.

I’m running the Development version: 20140609 on linux mint.
zdepth_planet.sifz (923 Bytes)

Is it this issue? … issues/654

this is only a part of the problem, when animating the z depth in the parameters panel to “2” it’s displayed as “2.000200” in the layers panel, but it’s still a larger number than the z depth value of the layer beneath (in my attached file it’s “1.00000”), it’s supposed to hide under it but it doesn’t.

BTW this problem happens only when animating the z depth parameter not when just changing it at the first keyframe.