animated svg or swf output support

Looks like we need to update to the latest FFMpeg and add an option in Synfig Gui.

The more and more that I understand synfig and SVG the more I see just how complicated this really is.

I found a great resource to animate SVG using Javascript called RaphaelJS

I saw someone animate svg nodes using Raphael and it would be great to find a gui that could do this instead of having to hand code it all.

The idea is really simple but implicating it to render like a synfig animation would be hard.

You could put all the nodes in each keyframe into a matrix like this guy did and then use raphael for the in out effects.

Current ffmpeg target parameters GUI allow use a custom video codec so it should work with this new ffmpeg addition.

Well, if you are on an animation team in which everyone else uses Flash, but you do not (because you’re on Linux, or do not have enough money, or you do not want to pirate it). I am in such a situation; the rest of the team uses Flash. However, I do not believe the Flash IDE is supported on Linux. In order to contribute I have been making SVGs in Inkscape and converting them to SWF with swfmill.

Otherwise I agree with you. :smiley: