Animated Signature

Hey all :smiley:

Argghhh … I’m a absolute newb to animated signatures :laughing: , and sadly this programme to.
I need help in inserting an image for a forum signature then, inserting an animated gif on it if possible.

If possible would also like a link to show how to animate my own image, like blinking stars. Not looking to make cartoon or anything, lol.

Issue:- But when I try and upload a picture to synfig, I get an error message. “Document not well formed”.
Image is png. I don’t know how to import a picture?

If I could just get a step by step guide on how to insert images to syngfig, then insert a gif would be great, thanks.

Experience:- 0/5 :blush:

Operating System:- Windows Vista 32 bit
Installed Programmes:- MS powerpoint 2007, MS paint, Synfig,Inkscape

Updated O.k got the import a picture sorted out , fantastic … had to youtube it :unamused:

Animated gifs won’t animate on Synfig when inserted in it. Instead of that you could create your own animation and export it as animated gif using the magick++ target or the built it target at the time to the render to file.
To change the user’s profile image or the signature image click on the User Control Panel on the top right of this board.

Apart of that I strongly recommend to read and follow the Manual for Synfig newbies here:

Thanks :smiley: