animated political commentary

Hi there, check this out:
Content can be unintelligible for people who do not know Polish. It does not matter.
Synfig can be a tool as effective as Toon Boom or Animo.

I like it very much!. Drawings are cool! I love textured surfaces.

Thanks a lot! A.

Very nice animation, I also liked the whole rendition of the film.

You can’t compare one with the other. Animo was created to handle several hundreds of animated (handmade) drawings at the same time and consits of, amongst others, a scanning-, a color-, a compositing- and a 3d-module. It was/is capable of batchscanning pencil drawings and then inking and vectorizing them automatically and it has the best and most simple cameranode I ever saw in an animation program and a workable xsheet to keep a perfect overview of your entire animation without getting a headache, BUT it sucked big time at cut-out animation because it was not designed for that. Synfig is much better in the cut-out department.
Anyway, lol, great animation, with nice subtle movements. I like your use of texture and the overal atmosphere very much.

@darkspace65: You’re right, but I said that Synfig can be as effective as that software. Of course I should add that to make such a film like mine. I know well Animo. I used it for a couple of my movies. Animo is a great software.

Sorry, I did not mean to rant. :unamused: I am just anxiously waiting for the new windows build of Synfig. (My wife did not allow me to install a dual boost linux-windows system on our computer, lol.) :confused:

Bardzo dobre! … So great!!!
I enjoy the drawing touch, the rythm, and the thema…
I’m waiting for the next one…!!!


Excuse me for hichack the thread, but I cannot ressist.

Time to change to a new one… (the computer, I meant the computer, what was you thinking?!)

Hahahah! Guess I had that coming. :slight_smile:

I love all the details in it… make more!

… yeh synfig is good for cutout (which is just me feeling like making an assertion - I haven’t actually tried any other software for it)