Animated music video...Portrait of Red (The Virginmarys)

Hi guys,

I’ve just finished my first music video of one of my favourite bands and would like your opinions/critique…

I’m just waiting of permission from the Virginmarys to use their track so I may have to remove the video if I don’t get it.

If anyone likes the track, it’s available for free download here:


Excellent work!
If I just can find something to improve is this: I would like to see a bit of more movement on her hair. Specially when she lies over him. That would remove the stiff feeling of the characters. I know it is time consuming but it would be a really plus to this great animation.

Very well done!

Thanks G…

i know what you mean about the hair. I did try a little movement but I couldn’t get it right. I think I’d have to re-design the hair to something that could be animated better.

I also think I may have over used key frames which made it more difficult because if I moved the character and then tried to animate eyes or hair, bits of the character moved differently and got left behind and disconnected.


That’s pretty awesome!

A question: How did you ask permission from the band? XD

Thanks Tushantin…

After finishing the work, I wrote to the bands management explaining the who I was and why I’d done the video.

I knew that because I’m not anybody special, I’d have to complete the work first and then ask for permission so that they could see the finished piece and decide if it’s suitable for the band. After all, they’ve got to protect their image and they may not like it.

I’ll just have to wait and see if they’ll let me use it.


That’s awesome :open_mouth: Congratulations.
How did you do the blood? (it looks real)

Do you mean the paint? Which part?


Eh… Yes… :blush: :blush: :blush: Sorry, I’m very interested in it :wink:

From 1:04 to 1:12
Thanks a lot.

Excellent work Morn!

This is definitely success story. I wonder can we publish that in the Gallery?

First, Great artwork.

But i also see some things that can improve. In 1:25, it seems to me that the face of the girl looks plane. Loomis in one of his books, commented about this.