Animated exported values


I am trying to “morph” (?) a pentagone into a hexagone : I can easily approximate the position of the 5+1 vertices of the pentagone by using a model of hexagone.
But I wish I can do that “exactly” : I exported the vertices list of the hexagone, but when I link the 5+1 vertices of the pentagone, I can no longer animate them, meaning from original to linked values.
Is there anyway way to do that properly ?
Thanks a lot,

I dont understand anything about you wirte, but if you are looking to make some like this?

penta to hex.0000

well if you want here is the .sifz

penta to hex.sifz (8,0 KB)

I hope it can help you.

Thanks for your help @lobozamora !

I will try to be more precise. Here is how I made the animation below :

  1. Make a pentagone

  2. While in animation mode, I add a vertex [keep shape]

  3. I animated the 5 vertices of the pentagone + the new inserted one towards the vertices of an hexagone (as a model)

The animation looks okay, but since I am learning, I wonder if I can do that properly.
So I thought I could try to link the vertices of the pentagone (5 + the new inserted one) to an exported value : the list of vertices from the hexagone.

But that does not work :confused: and I am quite sure there is a way to do that properly…I am still working on that…


@malkadulion Did you find any way to do that ?

Unfortunately no ! But I am pretty sure it is somehow doable, maybe not in the way I suggested, but still doable :wink:
Good luck !