Animate imported Images itself with blines or sth else ?

Hi @ all :smiley:
I’m new to Synfig and I read the introduction to the Walk Cycle.
My question is now, is it possible to animate just imported images?
In the article you can see that the artist follows the lines with the draw tool, but am I able to animate the images itself without drawing on them, just using blines? (I don’t mean the Cut-Out-Animation :wink: )

Hope you can understand and help me :laughing:

Do you mean animate like bend the images to achieve the result in the walk cycle tutorial? Then no, unfortunately not. You can animate them as cut-out animation but you said that is not what you want, so no, there is no other way.

Yeah, sth like that… Let’s say we have two images of a head turn, already painted in GIMP and imported in Synfig : One in front view and another in profile.
What I thought about was, if it is possible to surround e.g. the nose with a bline in front view and adjust it on the next keyframe, the profile, so that Synfig renders the tweening of these images by itself…

Hope it wasn’t that confusing :confused:

It sounds like you are just asking how to animate a bline. Do you mean like placing the looking forward pic, then animating the points until it is in the position of the sideview? Just use animate mode, move it, skip ahead, move it again, and at the end have it finish in the same shape as the side view.

I must be confused, or what you want to do is a lot easier than you think. :slight_smile:

…So that Synfig renders the tweening of those two blines values

Synfig tweens vector values (bline definitions) and achieve raster images from it (image output) but cannot tween images based on any bline movement rules.
In Synfig you can distort images but not in a tweening way between two different images.
You can twirl, spherize, warp, curve warp, rotate, scale, translate, noise distort, inside out, etc. one image but not tween between two of them.

Ok, too bad :frowning:
So, I have to draw a head turn directly in Synfig using blines and animate them…So the imported images would just be a background reference to adjust the blines. Did I get it right ?

But before I forget it, thx for your help :smiley:

You should be able to import your drawing as vector graphics. You’ll have to google and find the format, but save it like a clip art image then import it and you should still have all you blines in place, ready for animation.

Thanks a lot for this advise!! :smiley: