Angelo the cowherd

Here’s a little work in progress from my project: “Tales of Angelo the cowherd” (the name is still temporary). In these scenes Angelo, the main character, herds his cattles; but an evil creature, a fossegrimen named Tambanian, is stalking him.

Looks great. Well done.

Very nice!!

I really like the detail you did in the background, Especially the shadows. I also noticed the lighting when the cows walked out of the shadow.

The human walking looked spot on to me, but here is a little bit of constructive criticism on the cows. It kind of looks like they are slideing because when they walk, their body doesnt move I recommend “boucing” the front and back of the body when it for each step.

I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks everyone.
Eric, you’re right about the cows; I noticed that too. It seems like they’re skating. I just met some difficulties to animate them… but I’ll try to fix that! :wink:

Good work there!

congrats Paolo, this looks nice.
To make the cows less “skating” you could do one of the following

  • lower their heads with they put one front leg down (under their weight)
  • resize them differently
  • reshape their tails to not match
  • move them forward on a non linear way, but that may be overkill if they don’t appear often in your piece of work.

thumbs up!

Hey, this is a really nice work. I like the use of perspective in drawing the landscape.

As for the skating cows… For walking things I usually first animate the walk cycle. Then I animate the origin of the character, keeping an eye on where the character’s foot hits the ground. Then adjust the movement of the origin so that when a characters foot hits the ground it stays in one place relative the to background. Want the cows to go faster, you speed up the walk cycle to compensate not just move the origin or you have skating cows! lol… or southpark characters! hehehe


Thanks to all. :slight_smile:

No, they won’t appear often in my animation. Actually, that’s probably the sole scene where they walk. That’s why I’ll try to fix the “skating” effect, but I don’t think I’ll do much more than that! :smiley:
Anyway the cows already move their heads (even if very slightly) and their tails while they walk; they don’t move in a linear way (they rather follow a hidden, slightly irregular, BLine). They don’t even have the same speed.
I’ll reshape the tails, you’re right! :wink:
You then suggest to resize the cows. Do you think they’re too small? :confused:

Ahahah! I think I’ll avoid the South Park animation style! :laughing:
Yeah… you’re right. I guess the cows seem to skate because their legs move too fast compared to the ground. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem on their walk cycle. I thought I could make it easily with a few Rotate layers but I was wrong. I still have to work on it for a while. :frowning:

P.S. Landscapes are made by a friend of mine using 3dsmax. I just imported them as .png files. :wink:

keep the walking across the screen as a separate animation. Have the feet move, then encapsulate that layer and animate the origin of the encapsulation. That way you can copy the cow without copying its movement across screen. Get the walk right then copy the working cow. you can also speed up or slow down the walking by adjusting the encapsulations time… something! lol

Also, I like to start over. :slight_smile: I just switched out a broken harddrive and didn’t even save my synfig files.

Oh. that’s too bad for synfig, but good for you… and me because it gave me something to try to do quickly with synfig… so attached is a test to mimic your trees, left without bevel, right with bevel. like it or not. as there’s still no decent way of doing shadows (but duplicate+color+stretch) I’ll forget about these for now.

thanks for the ideas.
cartoon trees.sifz (4.99 KB)

Yes, that’s what I did. I’ve just to speed down a bit. But I think I’ll do over all the cows’ walk cycle, so… I’ll do that later! :smiley:

When I started with my project, landscapes were also made with Synfig. I chose to use 3D landscapes because my collaborator was more competent with 3ds Max than with Synfig, and because a 3D landscape allows to change the camera position without reshaping all the setting.
I was afraid 3D landscapes didn’t combine well with my Synfig animations. I’m glad you liked them. :wink:

If it’s not to your taste there always the option to use blender and render your backgrounds in cartoon style (google “cel shadding”:

… and Blender opens 3ds scenes just fine.

Seems interesting. I’ll discuss that with my friend. Thank you very much Berteh! :wink:

Some brand new scenes from my cartoon! :smiley:

  • The second one is still soundless… - … …

Very nice!

I think that second one would make a great repeating GIF file :slight_smile:

Great job! I like the expression of the other elves when they see how the character smashes the car. :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile: