Angelo The Cowherd - Demo Clip

It has been a while since last time I posted some of my animations.
My last two years have been quite busy. I moved to another country, started a new job and I’m also taking a college program. So, unfortunately for me, I don’t have much time for my hobbies anymore.
The clip I’m going to show you is from my “Angelo The Cowherd” project (I previously showed you something under the title of “Tales of Angelo the cowherd”). The original idea for this project was a whole, 20 minutes, pilot episode for a serie. It has been my very first animation project and, when I started, I didn’t really know how demanding something like this could be. It took months just for having my first scene done (just few seconds of animation), because of my lack of experience and reusable material (a library of basic animations, body templates, etc.). It was only in the last period of work that I made most of the scenes I have today.
Most of the scenes of this clip have been ready, in my computer, for these last two years. Some of them just needed few hours work. I took advantage of my Christmas break to fix them and put them together. This clip contains all the scenes I made that were consequential in my storyboard - almost all the scenes I made. I hope you like it, since I’m not even sure I’ll have the chance to continue this cartoon!

Angelo The Cowherd - Demo Clip:

I limes it very much! It is a pita you can not continue it.
Good luck with your job!

Yes, animate is a devourer of time. But it is really satisfactory when you see to your “son” moving at the screen. : )

I like your animation. It has a lot of details. I hope you can finish it.

Thank you! :slight_smile: I really hope I can resume this project someday!