alot of my synfig windows are missing

im new to synfig i created a bouncing ball the other day and all of my window were there: add key frames color options but now allot of them are missing. how do i get them back up?

File -> Panels -> Reset Panels to original layout.

I had that same problem too!

i dont see any thing about pannels this is what it says under file

save as

cvs add
cvs update
cvs commit
cvs revert

sound file

close window
close document

try the other file menu, in the tools window

it doesnt have one… this is getting slightly depressing…
i must have messed ut up somewhere how do i uninstall and reinstall it? im using ubuntu 11.10

Perhaps you panels have slipped into other workspaces? Have you checked?
Try deleting your /home/.synfig folder where all settings are stored. Everything will go back to default settings and hopefully your panels too…

That’s the File Menu under Canvas Caret menu. You have to get the Toolbox’s File Menu.

how exactly do i get that?
i know its probably all obvious and im sorry for asking so many questions but i do appreciate your help

could it be Ubuntu global menu problem?
how do i fix that?

The tools menu has to be open. The program closes if you close that window.

I don’t know Ubuntu AT ALL, but is there any chance that your desk top is larger than what is shown on your monitor and the window is open but off one side of the screen? Maybe resize your screen or something.

Can you please show us a screenshot of your Desktop with Synfig Studio running?