Adding Panning Hot Keys To The Navigation Window

In the Navigation window in version 0.61.09 I can use the slider at the botton of the window to ZOOM into or out from a picture. In the ROOT window of Synfig there are four (4) buttons to adjust the ZOOM.

PANNING is a fundamental and very important function and yet there are no hot keys to perform PANNING in neither the Navigator window nor the ROOT window of Synfig.

The only way to adjust panning is using gross (estimated) mouse movements by moving the red box around in the Navigation Window using the mouse to drag the Pan to an approximate position. There is no such ability in the ROOT window.

PANNING is a fundamental function and as important as ZOOM. Please consider adding this important feature as soon as possible to the Navigation window and to the main ROOT window.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m adding it to the wish list wiki page so it doesn’t get lost:

I’ll probably take a look at this when I do some of the switching to GtkBuilder.

According to the mouse shortcuts you can pan the current view by LBM+RBM click and drag. Also horizontal (vertical) pan is possible with the mouse wheel (wheel + SHIFT). It is faster than anything and works during any other tool state. Add a button would imply change the status of the tool which implies other keystroke or mouse click to return to the previous tool status.