Add/Remove Non-Keyframes

Hello all! I just joined, and have also just started using Synfig.

Question: how do I change the number of frames in my scene? I know how to add and remove keyframes, but not regular frames, and the method doesn’t seem obvious. I could of course be missing something.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Shoal, welcome to the forums.

If you want to remove frames from the end of the animation and drop down the animation for the eliminated frames, just change the document duration in the Canvas>Properties dialog.

If you want to stretch your animation (make move quicker) by removing regular frames you have to understand some things first:
In Synfig there are not “frames” like in a frame by frame animation program. Document has a duration and frames are there always, and there are as many as the frames per second (fps) value says.

You have to move at last two keyframes to compress or expand the animation between them.

Thanks! I had checked the options dialog, but I missed the presence of tabs… XD