Add action to object

i have an animation object that moves from left to right and i want to have the object animate releasing an explosion of dust from the top of the object after it completes its move. how do i do this?

The basic steps to do that are:

  1. Make an animation of dust exploding
  2. Put the animation in a group layer
  3. Move the animation to the final position
  4. In the group layer set Time Offset to the time when your object reaches its destination
  5. Activate animation mode and change the waypoint type to konstant
  6. On frame 0f set the Value of “Amount” in the group layer to 0
  7. On the frame you want your animation to be seen set the value back to 1

I hope i got your question right

Thanks very much. Maybe now I can make my underwater drone simulate releasing its payload of liquid nitrogen