accelrc overwritten each time synfig starts?


I edited accelrc to turn on some of the keycaps as few of them seem to work out of the box. They are all commented out in the file. Whilst I was editing accelrc I got a warning that it had changed on the disk: All the selected semicolons had been put back! I closed Synfig (oops - should have done that 1st), re-edited it, saved it, reopened synfig, and the accelrc file contents had been commented out again. It always seems to end up defaulted to all mapping commented out. Since few of the keys work in use anyway (no Alts and no Ctls) I would quite like to know what I’ve got wrong!


OS X 10.9, Synfig 0.64.1

Please, open an issue for that. It shouldn’t be overwritten if it us edited when Synfig Studio is not running.

Done. #511.