accelerating movement

I couldn’t figure out how to connect the speed to the time variable, in order to apply a cubic formula that accelerates the speed as time goes by. It is a kind of the gravitation effect in a vertical move.

What should be the simplest way to achieve it and easily play with the acceleration(T), where T is the actual time?


It’s kind of interesting question. As you describe it, You want to apply transformation of parameters and variables. However, perhaps the easier solution I think use just way points, key frames and interpolations .

In the Documentation Wiki there is the best example of using parameters transformations:

You could also share an example here, in order to have something more concrete to test. Maybe not me, but some other user could give you a better feddback


hulf2012 - Thank you for your response. I read this tutorial. It is fine except that I miss one piece - where are the T dependent variables connected to T? I was hoping to skip the maintenance of keyframes and waypoints as much as possible. I attached the gif and the sifz.
formula-speeding-training.sifz (1.78 KB)