About free time layer and "animated file" conversion

I’ve recently instaled Synfig 1.10 and I’ve noticed this new features - I wonder if there are more hidden.

After some test I think I get the logic of Free time layer. It “cheats” (sorry I can’t think in a better word) to Synfig that the animated layer behind it is in the frame “B” instead of the original frame “A”.

About the conversion of a value to “animated file”, I don’t have so much to say. It is just a text file, or lst file, or another blank sif file with just keyframes values?.

Hope Some one have more clues :smiley:

Hi hulf2012,

FreeTime layer has been introduced in dev builds of end of March
All the new features/bug fixes are listed in the articles of the updates.
About its use, I have to admit I didn’t investigate :blush:

The new Free Time Layer is a nice way to reuse parts of an animation and or play them at different speeds. In this simple example I have an animation of a circle that takes 48 frames to move from left to right. I reused the same animation 3 times and played it at a faster speed, a slower speed and backwards just using the waypoints of the Free Time Layer. It should prove interesting to use this in more complex situations. The gif contains some artifacts. Sorry for that. Probably a bug in the dev version.
freetime.sifz (1.48 KB)

Thank You for the feedback

The use of “animated file” parameter still is a mistery… to me.