A short film

tengo una idea. Se trata de rodar un corto. Se ve a varios pintores con su caballete delante de una estatua, (o de un paisaje, o un edificio…). La cámara nos los va mostrando, junto con lo que van dibujando. De repente llega a uno que está sentado con un portátil y está dibujando lo mismo con Synfig. Cuando termina, incluso le ha añadido una animación (por ejemplo, un pájaro volando sobre el monumento). Después puede aparecer en pantalla el vídeo de presentación que hizo H13N.H3N.
Opcional: cada pintor tiene un estilo diferente: realista, cubista, impresionista… Otra posibilidad es que suceda dentro de una clase de dibujo en una universidad. O si el dibujo es de una fuente, puede verse el agua fluir.
Es sólo una idea que yo no puedo realizar, pero creo que sería un buen anuncio para colocar en internet (no hay diálogos, todo el mundo lo puede entender). Yo podría ayudar con la música.

(English, I hope…)
I have an idea. This is a short film. We can see several painters with their easels in front of a statue (or a landscape or a building …). The camera show them to us, along with that draw. Suddenly there is one sitting with a laptop and he’s drawing the same with Synfig. When finished, he has even added an animation (eg a bird flying over the monument). Then, It can appear on screen the video presentation made by H13N.H3N. http://synfig.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1052
Optional: each painter has a different style, realist, cubist, impressionist … Another possibility is that this happen in a drawing class at a university. Or, if the picture is from a fountain, you can see the water flow.
It’s just an idea I can not do, but I think it would be a good advertisement to place on internet (no dialogue, everyone can understand). I could help with music.

Good idea, start with a storyboard and animatic. Perhaps some design sketches.
Then try to get people to join you.

Hi Rafael, it is a great idea!
The problem is that it would be difficult to create that film with people in distance…
Alternatively, what if instead of leave the camera show all the artists in the same place, they are in different cities? So we can collaborate off line (using well known monuments of each nearest city). The later montage can let show the same concept and the message is very similar.

EDIT: because you’re talking about a real live people film, right?

Tour Eiffel, Manneken pis, Statue of Liberty,Puerta de Tierra :wink: , Big Ben… GREAT!

Of course.
We have the base. We can modify the idea together. Go on.

great idea… while… to be honest …

I would be happy to have…

  • more good samples linked on the website
  • get more tutorials and
  • have a quick demo that mainly just combines things we already have (best of breed tutorials and other stuff)…
  • Also a channel on youtube with good stuff and maybe animated tutorials would be nice…

All of that I guess would be quite easy to get, but still we don’t have it!

Anyhow: feel free to add more ideas AND everyone out there: please work on the simple projects (as mentioned above) as well :wink:

Ok. But I think that it’s possible to do the short film too.

Sorry, I don’t understand you. What does it mean? :confused:

I can only help with translation. :frowning:

a kind of quick tutorial covering several ones?

Sure? There are many examples of Synfig animations on Youtube. If you type Synfig you have a lot of founds.

Absolutely. Maybe I can record some of them. :wink:

excuse-me: video tutorials must be done whith the last release (0.62.01)?

They should. If the feature is the same than the current version you can use an older one. You should advice that on the tutorial anyway.

Once I’ve a video tutorial made, how can I insert it on the page?

Once you have it on youtube you can insert this in the wiki page:
WUxn9jqFJrg is the code given by youtube for the video link
425|344 are the width and height of the video in the page.
Information obtained from the Video Tutorial pages.
For further information see: mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:VideoFlash