A new swede in the garden plot

Hi everyone!

Looking for a way to do some animations for my upcoming (as in “in the works for almost a year now”) documentary on FOSS in Sweden, i came across Synfig quite a while back. Being the lazy sod I am, I didn’t take the time to learn much until this weekend. So after a 16 hour sitting, I’m starting to get a hang on Synfig basics. Now I got a walking stick figure cycle that I am proud of and that it took me the better part of the day to finish. I hope that I can learn from all you guys out there. Practice makes perfect. :wink:

Kindest regards,


Welcome CF!

Welcome as well!

Välkommen, hoppas du får till vad du vill med Synfig.
Den där dokumentären låter intressant, berätta gärna mer om den.

translation from swedish
Welcome, hope you’ll be able to do what you want with Synfig.
That documentary sounds interesting, please do tell more.