A little boy

thank you for your comments :smiley:

I started another animation, I’m trying now to make a more complex picture.

it’s just a beginning, and I still do not have any scenario…
Room made with Blender.

Very very nice!!

And the light effect too?

no, light effect with synfig, and curtain with Synfig :smiley:

Very impressive!

Thank you for your comments :smiley:
it’s a little bit longer, but the movements of the face are not very good :frowning:

I think that it is very good!
and I didn’t realize that there was a cat in the first scene!

Hello, and thank you for your comments :smiley:
I advanced a little, but maybe the file is too big, Synfig becomes really buggy. I will try to continue in another view.

Can we help on debug it? Any kind of repetitive scheme to make it crash? Operating System and version? :slight_smile:

Thank you Genete,
I have Synfig Studio 0.62.00, and Windows XP.
Sometimes, the program closes, but maybe also because I make mistakes … no problem since everything is recovered when I open again.
The most disturbing is when I create a new key: if I move the points, the display jumps to the next or previous key, I don’t know, and I have to move the cursor among the keys to see shape that I am changing.
Sorry, I can’t explain much better in English :confused:

Do you use a multi core CPU?
It is important that you confirm it because it is one of the biggest problems of Synfig for windows.
If you have a multicore cpu please test and use the experimental new build that uses a single thread for the renderer.
Doenload it here:

Be sure that you have the “Use one thead only” option enabled.

Check out here any problem you have.


Thank you Genete,
yes, my CPU is dual-core.
I will try your experimental build .