A little anim work

Hi there,

This is a simple animation made under XP (not without a bug… I think I’ll stay working on Ubuntu for Synfig projects, where the software bugs far less !!)

Waiting for your comments ! :arrow_right:
SatripAnim01XP.zip (391 KB)

Splendid colors, nice drawings and expression, cool!
Please post more! :smiley:



Thats great!

A candidate for the next synfig demo reel IMO!

pixelgeek, will you be doing another soon?

Nice to know you like it !

Yes Genete I’ll post more soon :wink:
(As I’m working on making my personal Animator demo reel I’d be happy to share my work done in Synfig for its demo too!)

Wasn’t planning another demo reel just yet… Maybe if I get a faster machine I might be more inclined to tackle it.


He he, good justification you found to buy an i7! :smiley:

That’s brilliant! I like the colors you used, especially for the face!

XD I must ask though. How did you shade the character and the clouds? Pardon me, I’m a newb.

I wasn’t aware Synfig works better on Ubuntu than Windows. Dawwww! :laughing:

Hi Tushantin,
Thanks for your comment.
Shadings are done with some “curve gradient” layers (using width ducks to set gradient width along the curve).
I hope it’ll help you!

ps: after having solved some problems I had whith synfig under xp it works actually quite as well as on Linux! (if not better since I don’t need to re-enable my tablet devices each time on xp… but as someone is working on a patch to solve it, maybe it’ll be applied in next stable release ^^ )

Curve gradient, huh? Guess I never tried that. xD Thanks!

You are quite right. Even I have experienced major crashes when going through Synfic files. Dx I wonder when the next stable release will be available. Aww heck! I’ll simply try Ubuntu on a seperate drive! :laughing: Say, can you have Win XP and Linux on the same comp?

Yes it’s “easy” to have a dual-boot win/linux on your pc. Search a little on google there’s many tutorials to do this!
I used this tuto’ for my first dual-boot experience, I give it as example, but it’s in french…
breizh-ardente.fr/article/l- … ation-v804 (works exactly the same for 8.10 or 9.04)

you’ll can easily find one in english I guess.

:laughing: Don’t worry about the language, I see how to do it. Unfortunately I do not have a free partition to… well, partition it, so Dual-Boot is “probably” out of the question. But that doesn’t mean I’m outta options. ;3 I did a little bit of searching and found that Ubuntu can be used via a Live CD as well as the PortableApp thingy. I can always use the Live CD without installation for Synfig! But for now I’m downloading the Portable version that helps me run Ubuntu “with” Windows at the same time. portableubuntu.demonccc.cloudius.com.ar/

I hope it’s still compatible. XD And I really hope Ubuntu 9.04 version supports Synfig.

P.S.: Did I mention this is the first time I’m trying out Linux in a way? And all for Synfig? Hahaha! I’m in love with the program!