A huge canvas problem.

Hi. I’m having a problem with my canvas again. This time it’s a bit different.

My main canvas isn’t coming up at all (the one I haven’t exported) when I click on it in the canvas browser. However my exported canvas comes up just fine. Everything on the layers tab shows but just not the canvas.

I can import this project that I’m having problems with into another project (which I don’t have lol) and everything shows up, but it won’t show up for at all.

What do I do?


Taking a look to the file which is giving the problem might help on find the reason for that behavior.

I don’t know what exactly to look for to be honest. I don’t know anything about coding :neutral_face: .
error synfig.JPG

I wanted to say that if you share the sifz file with the problem I an take a look at it and maybe I can discover what’s happening.

I got it to display again, but its a really odd way how I got it to work. I had to change the name of the folder the project was in, and now its working like normal…sorta. After that, I changed the folder’s name back to what it originally was, and it’s still working. But when I exit the project, an error message pops up, which isn’t really a problem.

thanks for the help!