A glut of new users!

Yes here it is only the 13th day of May and already more people introducing themselves than ever before!

I am dgcombs - Dan - from Atlanta, Georgia USA. I enjoy playing around with programs that purport to portray animated people. Over the last year or so I’ve used CutoutPro’s Stickman for some things. But it just doesn’t have all the features I’d like.

It appears Synfig has all the features, they just haven’t been coded yet!

I look forward to using Synfig on Windows and Linux and perhaps on MAC OSX (once the problems are resolved).

  • Dan

Where is the active development taking place? I note that version 0.61.09 has been around a good while now. Can I help?

The development is being done by volunteers that add patches here: patches.synfig.org/groups/synfig/
Patches/bugs/feature request site is at SF: sourceforge.net/projects/synfig/
Links related to Development here: synfig.org/Development
We aren’t having our best times.
All patches are welcome.