A Flag waving

I created a flag waving. I see that you have done a similar contest before, but just recently managed to do this waving effect.

I’m using the 0.65 version, because I really like that One-window interface. But when exporting the image as a “gif” I experimented some problems. When the file extension is “gif” and the option is “gif”, the generated image had several artifacts. I don’t know exactly why. I suspect it’s for the color used, or because there were transparent fields. When the filename extension is "gif and the option is “auto”, the export is better. But when the background is transparent, the anti alias is lost. Also, when increasing the anti alias to 2+, unwanted colored pixels are generated.

Anyway, you can see the animation here:

Thanks for making this great software
pendant waving 2d.gif

I like it.

Native gif target (animated gif) gives a lot of artifacts due to it lacks of optimization. Using Magick++ as target and gif as extension in the render dialog, gives much better render in both aspects, artifacts and size.

Not all the platforms have the Magick++ libraries properly enabled. We are doing our best to bring Magick++ to MSWindows but it is not easy to tune the build script to do so.


I don’t know why the gif file exported here in the forum appears distorted. At least for me, using firefox 26.0.
But Anyway …

I have to ask:
If you see the gif in this mesage, you will see that the background is transparent. The part of the flag that it is on the background have aliased borders. I know that gif format can only have 100% or 0% transparency. And the number of showed colors it’s reduced to 256 max. But it is possible to have a gif animation with anti-aliased borders in a transparent background?
pendant waving 2d transp.gif