A contest entry done in two days with Synfig

I had high hopes for this piece, but there’s only so much time in a day - and only so much skill in the Matt. :smiley:

I did this in two days primarily using Synfig and Inkscape, with Blender on the editing side of things. My biggest problem was that I discovered - once I was well into the project - that JLipSync doesn’t work with my latest Ubuntu updates. I couldn’t get Papagayo running either in the short time I had, so I had to totally wing the lip sync - and it shows. Oh, well.


For those interested, this was my entry into a contest to win a Mac Book Air.

Merry Christmas!


Bravo. I don’t know if you’ll win the MacBook Air, but you deserve it. Great job my brother :smiley:

Thanks, Rafael!

And if anybody wants to help a fellow Synfig user win, feel free to hit the old “like” button over at YouTube. ;D



Done :wink:

That is some seriously nice looking background art you made there. It reminds me that I should really start using Inkscape a bit more. And the animation is really good too.

Hope you get that mackbook.

Thanks, dustbunny!

Of course, anything you can do in Inkscape, you can also do in Synfig - plus Synfig has capabilities that Inkscape lacks. Where Inkscape shines, for me at least, is in speed of drawing. Since it’s a dedicated drawing program and can focus on just that one thing, I find it to be faster for getting the shapes and colors down. And, ever since Synfig incorporated svg-import, I can bring most Inkscape stuff right into Synfig for further work.

Thanks again!


Thanks for all the help. guys … I won!


Well done!



I do expect you to make some excellent artwork with your new Macbook and post it online for all of us to see :smiley: .

nice work

If you need some help with your Mac, you can ask me. (You can install Ubuntu on it if you want) :smiley:

Thanks guys! As for the MacBook, I’ve decided to give it to my brother since his old one died a few weeks back and he’s not currently able to replace it. I’ll just keep bopping along with these old Ubuntu boxes. :smiley: