64.1 a bit unreliable?


Is anyone else finding 64.1 a bit unreliable? I find it almost always crashes on exit, and I rarely get more than about five to ten minutes before either a hang or a crash. I’m not doing anything complex, either just looking at an animation before starting anything or while editing an advanced outline with fill (I mean moving the outline ducks, not adjusting any properties. So I am also selecting frames and zooming. The version I was using before (sorry, I can’t remember the number) I used for hours at a time with very few problems.

I have attached the crash dump.

I am using OS X 10.9 (though this was all true for 10.8.x as well). I did a clean install of OS X and all my software two or three weeks ago.

Any ideas?
Synfig crashdump 22-11-2013.txt (52.8 KB)

And again

Eek! But this time it has trashed my .sifz which now appears to be empty…
Synfig crashdump 22-11-2013–2.txt (54 KB)

And again, but OS X didn’t throw a crash dump this time.

When turning off Cairo rendering - it’s a bit slow.
Synfig crashdump 22-11-2013–3.txt (57.1 KB)

OK, regressed to 63.5 which promptly fell over and on the next run hung after about 10 minutes. Is this a OS X 10.9 problem? I was having problems with 64.1 under OS X 10.8 which is why I left it all alone for a while but I’m pretty sure that 63.5 was reliable enough to use without worry under either OS X 10.7 or 10.8 - sorry, I can’t remember when I switched.

I’d really like to get started again, is there any more info I can provide to help?

Hi there,
The three crash dump that you have provided are useful. The first two says tbat the crash are located at the set_time funnction from independent contect class. It has been recently incorporated into 0.64.1.
The third one is triggered when Cairo is off and so the crash happens at the clear function for the Surface class when setting the name of the imported image layer. (I hope that those clues can help to the current developer)

It is possible that those two are fixed in the development branch but can’t be sure of that.

You can help us by reporting other crash dumps when happen, and providing a repeteable recipe to provoque the crash in our computers. Currently I cannot upgrade to 10.9 yet, so I cannot repeat it on that OSX version.

I have not more suggestions than this: if you’re in production, stick with 0.63.05 and using another user on your machine, unstall 0.64.1 only for that user, so you can continue helping us with the crash recipe.

Thanks for reporting anyway.


Try closing the Navigator Panel and see if crash still happens.


Gone back to 64.1 - sorry, did that before I read your reply. This is an early preproduction project that fortunately has no set timescale yet.

Tried hiding the Navigator panel - with the colour swatch but I suspect that’s not what you meant. I think you probably meant close that whole window group.

Anyway, I did about 15 minutes editing, then saved, then File->Close document. Boom.

I do have Xcode and Qt installed, (25 years Visual C/C++ programming under Windows and C/assembler for embedded microcontrollers) but I’m not programming any more. If, however, I can set up a trap to catch anything please let me know and I’ll have a go, but I don’t promise anything - I haven’t written a line of code for eight years!
Synfig crashdump 22-11-2013–4.txt (49.9 KB)

Made two changes - yes I know I should only make one at a time. I closed the Navigator window properly and I worked only with a mouse, ignoring my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet. The result was an hour’s work without a crash.


Aghh - ran for three hours, no navigator and Wacom tablet not even plugged in. No problems. The Save, then File->Close document, then boom.
Synfig crashdump 25-11-2013–5.txt (48.2 KB)

Hello. Please report the File->Close problem to the bugtracker - synfig.org/issues/thebuggenie/synfig