3D Layer

I know it can’t be implemented immediately, but I’m keeping this for future use, perhaps when Synfig reaches version 3 or something.

In Retas you’ve got two kinds of layers:

  1. 2D Layer - a plan of cells (i.e., drawings per frame) always facing the camera regardless of the camera position
  2. 3D Layer - 2 sided planes or 3D objects with hand painted textures that can be moved in three dimensions; could be made directly in Synfig or import from Blender

The lighting usually has shadows but no raytrace, because all the “ripples” and “distortions” are caused by layer-effects and masks. The intensity of both lights and shadows can be adjusted, and the ambiance can be set, which is usually how you see modern anime having such awesome color effects differing between environments.

Also note that besides all the uses of 3D and perspectives and textures, the lighting still makes the objects look “2D” somehow without any use of toonshaders; makes it still look painted.

Hmmm.good idea.
I’m a semi experienced animator and all my software is open source(synfig,gimp,blender,wings 3d,pencil)

If such a feature is implemented,then that would make certain animations easier…

Watch ghost in the shell 2 innocence to see the blend of 2d and 3d…yep the 2d was tweened,but the 3d backgrounds look like paintings.
If synfig can work with both 2d and 3d at the sametime…then anime studio will have even tougher competition from synfig,as if it isn’t tough enough already.

XD Yeah! GITS 2, though, had a hard time blending 2D and 3D right, as the 2D part was animated in RETAS and the cells then exported to Lightwave/Softimage, thus countless amounts of time wasted to get the interactions just right. You could do the same thing in Blender + Synfig, but it’d be just as tedious. If Synfig had a 3D layer in-built that’d be awesome.

Oh, also, a better functional camera layer to boot! Not the custom made template, but an actual Camera Layer/Tool.

TB Animate Pro2 has this capabilities already.

In Synfig, there is a Z Depth layer parameter that provides 3d-like functionality :slight_smile:

yes, and in my opinion is more accurate than Anime Studio Pro’s real deep of field