3D, 2D Combo


A test render that I posted of using a 3D rendered background with a 2D foreground with an animation. Highly recommend not to follow it since for some reason the 3D render isn’t followed correctly and the process of inputting the images of the render then “animating” the sequence is painfully long. In addition the preview render and actual rendering seems to hog the computer’s performance so any actions while trying to render in any form may cause it to crash. I guess I’ll stick to my normal process then. :frowning:

(Hopefully may deter from others trying or find a better way to conduct this.)

want to see 3d experiment with synfig ??? take a look to those ones :

They’re both good, but not what I was trying to do. Using something like Blender3D to animate a scene then render them as image files (since synfig can’t take and use videos in its animation unless it is there and i’m blind), exporting those files into synfig and then going frame by frame “animating” them into the synfig animation. For some odd reason the background is rushed and yet everything checks out for the animation and images so its not the way I imaged it would be. I was hoping this could help speed up making animations.


So after some time i’m jumping into the fire again. Taking gameplay and using synfig to combine them both, but they’re beyond painful to create at 60 FPS…for 5 seconds -.- Making another animation later using the same technique.