3 Questions :

I didn’t know if I would be hijacking the other question thread about the “type” of thing so I didn’t, sorry if I broke a rule. :blush:

I have a Wacom tablet and I wanted to try and draw something in Synfig but the pen doesn’t work (draw or anything).
Is there a driver or setting I need to activate for it to work?


Can you pause animations like in Flash (sorry if you can’t say Flash here :blush:), I never used Flash to make anything, but I’ve used flash games and stuff like that that other people have made and they had menus and button and cool stuff like that.

And 3:

Can you import images like .gifs to make an animation. :question:

The reason (in case you need one to help me ^^) for the last two questions is I make how to draw tutorials in .gif forum but they play to fast and if I slow them down its boring to watch so I want to make them pause and playable.

You don’t have to give me a long post answer if there is a link or a section of the manual that I can read, please just point me in the right direction. :slight_smile:

If the main reason is to create step by step tutorials, have you tried to use wink?

Wow thanks I might get that ^^.

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Let me take a crack at these questions.

  1. Your tablet should work. Are you running Linux or Windows? Does it work in other applications? In Inkscape or Gimp?
  2. Generally speaking, Synfig makes either a series of still images or a movie file. (It can do animated GIF files, but there are some rendering artifacts in there). So it really comes down to the application you use to play the files. Most movie players have the capability of pausing the video.
  3. You can import GIF files. I haven’t tried lately, but you may even be able to import animated gif files (I know support for avi import was done a while back) I wouldn’t guarantee Synfig’s stability importing moving pictures though. But yes, you can import a series of image files and animate with them. See synfig.org/wiki/Slideshow_Tutorial

Yes I use it in Gimp and used it in MS paint and I’m using Windows XP. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that that told me a lot :slight_smile:,and thanks for the link ^^.

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  1. Try following the directions here - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=981&hilit=input+devices

Thinking we might need to make this a sticky…

Thank you ^^.

I’ll look at that and see if I can get it working.

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