23 Nov 12, South France, Synfig Presentation & Demo++

Hello there, just to up about this info.

I do a Synfig Presentation & Demo the 23th of Nov at 5pm during JM2L (7th Mediterranean Free Softwares Days) [EDIT 17/11 14->7]

  • Presentation
  • History
  • Capabilities
  • Live Demo
  • Screening of “Morevna Project
  • Greetings

EDIT 16/10/2013

  • Download pdf file from presentation -fr- (ask me for the source (odp) is you need it)
  • Video cast of the presentation -fr-

END 16/10/2013 EDIT

EDIT 16/11 Hey folk’s if think about a voice of the synfig’s community i can talk about.
First, any problems ?
Second if ok, any idea ? (i’m thinking about documentation help / code help ?specific part? / release case / ? idea ? …)
END 16/11 EDIT

In french here : http://jm2l.linux-azur.org/content/2012/pr-sentation-et-d-mo-de-synfigstudio


That’s great news for the Synfig community!

Not problem but big thanks! Having people in each country that takes care on make local presentation of the project is awesome. You’re turning in a great fan of Synfig.

Well, help is needed in every place. For example, it is needed people with experience in Gtk/Gtkmm for take responsibility of some the Synfig Studio GUI revamp projects. There are many threads on the forum started by Jcome about that.
In any case, simply using Synfig Studio and reporting bugs and requesting feature request will be awesome.

Please share the recording and photos if any. We love to see screenshots of Synfig Studio in action.
Cheers. Good luck.

I Will try to record some magistral gibberish
Genete / a pity you can’t come… next time !


The video (in french) is online

jm2l.linux-azur.org/content/2012 … nfigstudio

Well done my friend!
That was a pretty cool presentation!

Even though I don’t speak French, seeing a presentation about Synfig is pretty cool. Hopefully you converted some people to Synfig, maybe we’ll see more french users in the community.