2 Questions

I’m a noob, :mrgreen: (OK Thats obvious). well at least a noob to this.
So anyways I have 2 major questions, How can one import an Image file?
And In future versions could the interface be simpler?

Welcome Miles!

From the canvas caret menu (looks like a little triangle in the upper right hand corner) select File->Import then use the file dialog box to select the picture you want to use.

It’s definitely possible for the interface to be improved - all it takes is developers with the interest in doing so :slight_smile:



Would an Import Image tool be interesting?
It can:
Wait for a click or a click and drag for the image position. Then it can prompt for the image file (or the import file) and place it on that clicked place.
If it is just a click it would center the image on the click. If it is a drag box it would fit the image on the corners of the box.

I think we just need to make import more obvious.

Any suggestion for that? :unamused:

Move the menus out from the caret to a top bar of its own. But that would mean more clutter to the UI…

Well I try importing, but the layer Isn’t visible.

Any information in the console to tell us what might be going on?