2 questions about Synfig (zoom in a Animation/choose a font)

I have two questions about Synfing.

  1. How I can zoom in a animation? e.g I have a picture with many flowers on frame one and until frame ten I would zoom on one of this flowers.

  2. Can I choose a another font family over a drop-down list or I can only type the name?


  1. You have to encapsule all layers then scale this encapsule to zoom in.

  2. It’s only possible to type in font names, unfortunately.


Today I have a new question.
How I can add a new canvas? The button “New Canvas” is not active.

That menu entry (File->Canvas-> New Canvas) has been never active. Maybe we should think on re-work some of the menu entries. :blush:
To create a new document with a root canvas in it just press the (New…) button in the toolbox.

You can create in-line canvases by encapsulating a group of selected layers. It will create a Paste Canvas Layer that acts like a folder of layers. In line canvases can be exported (by right clicking the canvas parameter of the Paste canvas Layer and select a name). Then, the exported canvases can be referenced by the canvas parameter of the Paste Canvas Layer that can be animated between different exported canvases.