2 problems, Canvas, and Animation

These two problems has been slowing me down alot.

The first problem is that on the canvas, things act kinda funny. What happens is that everytime I move a vertext, tangent, or anything, everything on the canvas becomes jumbled up and not the way it’s supposed to be. Its as if its trying to merge my past keyframes into the one i’m working on. But, if zoom in or out on the navigator, it returns to how it is supposed to look.

I’ve noticed that it happens more if I zoom in, while I am trying to animate. I have to zoom in to see the little details I am doing. This happens on the export canvas…I haven’t tried to animate on the main canvas yet.

The second problem is with the animation at times. For some reason, it doesn’t cooperate well. The tangents start spinning when I didn’t tell them to, or don’t intend them to do so, and things get out of wack sometimes. When I go back to tweak them, it does the same thing anyway. It causes me to have to go back and fill in every frame it does that on. That also makes waypoints harder for me to copy.

Anything I can do to avoid this? Btw, I am doing a morphing animation style.

To be able to help here I would need to have a sample file and a recipe to exactly reproduce the problem. The simplest the file the better. The shortest the recipe the better too.

I’ve suffered that problem some times. Tangents manipulation has a problem. There is not an unique way to interprete the user’s tangents modifications when handling a tangent duck. Say you have a tangent with a value of 45 degrees. Then you modify it in animation mode to be 46 degrees and it will produce a waypoint. In a later time in the timeline, you rotate the tangent 359 degrees clockwise. Then it produces a waypoint of … how much degrees? 46+359 = 405 or 45 degrees (405-360)? In the past it was implemented that the program takes account the continous rotation of the tangent but or it was disabled or it doesn’t work well. The thing is that it is a problem for the workflow.

One solution for that is to remember to always adjust the tangents between pose by pose animation, so even it looks fine you always set a waypoint to avoid strange rotations further in the timeline.


I think I understand the second problem.

Here is the thing I’m having trouble with. It’s on the exported canvas, but i’m not sure if it does the same thing on the main canvas.

Chicken Monster.sifz (165 KB)

Can you specify exactly where is the “tangent dancing” happening? I don’t see anything specially wrong there.

Its the in some of the spaces where there are a bunch of waypoints between keyframes. They are on the exported “CM_walks” canvas. If you delete the ones between keyframe, you might be able to see, but I can work around this I think =)