1st synfig 0.61.9 animation by headsquatter

Created in Synfig 0.61.9


The image is originally made for the splash screen contest of Septmeber '09,
the animation is just a trial of motion blur and my first steps in Synfig,
I rendered in png from Synfig (in auto mode), I have problem to export avi or gif, ( I work on Ubuntu 9.04 )
so I re-rendered in Kdenlive just to create the avi.

the real animated splash screen will be posted next :wink:
My idea about Synfig after the test is: AMAZING SOFTWARE!
Many functions was for me easy to handle and has filter lawyer that Inkscape still have not!
I wait the next release!
I m thinking to get an operative system more compatible to Synfig!
Bella mondo!
Salut a tut le monde!

Well done.
You can try to render in dv. I work with Ubuntu 9.04 in emulation and I have no problems with it.

true thanks !
perfect results exporting dv on Ubuntu 9.04!