1st Practice of....

Hi everyone!! :slight_smile:
Here’s third practice art just got finished…
But also the first one :question:

yup, it’s a gif. It has been a really long time since i post something like this
last time it was… the Head turn i think
not much of a change compared to that except for the workflow itself :mrgreen:

yup!! i finally got the best workflow for me :smiley:
i would like to share it but it’s just too many things that i’ve found :neutral_face:
instead, here’s a bit of hints…


for short, just separate lines and regions but also keep their links up,
and one image per frame (time loop if possible) :bulb:

so here’s the sifz file and feel free to explore it, but also carefully :wink:
Practice3-ani800x600.sifz (517 KB)

Bonus!! :
Here’s the render time for that file
to GIF

to MP4 (ffmpeg)

any idea why…? :unamused:

Ah, frame-by-frame animation. Short of course, but great!
Nice design, good timings. But I will never understand how you people are able to manage so many layers… They don’t even have proper names, like ‘arm’, ‘hair’, most of them are just ‘Lines??? Advanced Outline’. Scary…

No idea about rendering, though. On my system it took 224 secs to render to gif and I still use the old 1.0.2 version that supposed to be slower.

Thanks!! Took quite a long time to get the feel but it’s totally worth it :smiley:

well, it’s not that scary to be honest
also there are several reasons of that… :unamused:

  1. They’re actually spline couples (line and region) or just regions
    so if i want to move them just select and their regions and its outlines will follow as well
    even the alpha region that i used to “cover” the lines have their “spline list” linked to their respective regions as well :wink:

Some of these spline couples consist of one segment line and i left one spline point to patch some empty spaces :bulb:
Sometimes i also have to link some width handles just to justify their line widths (Check Collar and inner sleeves’ lines for example)

This will become more complicated if i draw something more complex, like shoes
but it’s not as terrifying as filling those lines manually (like my first two drawings) :cry:

  1. Pretty much avoiding something like this

I will still using groups to do some limited region shading and line masking of course.
but again, might never use that group transformation widgets :confused:
Unless for moving the Frame Groups and groups with no outside-group links such as eyes
as it won’t split up my drawing at all

  1. Too late and too lazy. Yeah… figures… :blush:
    Realized that after reaching the third frame
    should’ve done that when compositing the character
    But then, i’m just like, “nah… it doesn’t matter too much”

same goes to the shading, should’ve done that before duplicating the first frame and animate them
But i might go back for them at some point :exclamation:

Probably that’s my fault.
while rendering them, i have three chrome windows opened at the same time, and sometimes i just minimize and maximize synfig’s window,
checking the render status.
that must be the reason for the slowdown :blush:

Thanks for detailed explanation, it was interesting to read.
I didn’t establish my own workflow yet, but it’s already completely different from yours. My goal is to keep vector part as simple as possible, e.g. in my current work fox’s legs and arms, tail and body constructed only from outlines with different width points and nothing else.
All the complex stuff will be added as raster textures that will be applied over that simplified vector using ‘Onto’ blend method. In short, I am mixing vector and raster art and you go full vector.

Hopefully, I can share some of my results at the end of spring. I din’t upload anything for almost a year. Some of my 8 subscribers might even think I am dead, lol :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, Sir!! :smiley:

yeah, simplicity is really a good thing… :slight_smile:
well, i’m not always go for full vector, at least for some BG’s and still CG’s and some cartoony effects
like that gif above, it needs a BG :unamused:
i’ll definitely go for bitmap painting with Krita in that case, but it surely take a long time (i’m not good at it, even with my tablet-pen :cry: )
but for active characters i’ll always go full vector :wink:

i did checked some of your results, and the fur looks really cool!!
wishing all the best for you!! :smiley:
and hoping that your subs’ won’t think so :slight_smile:

Right now i’m working on a simple full body walk cycle
but got stuck for quite some time in his body proportion
got that fixed by now, yet the compositing isn’t finished… :unamused:

when is spring…?
my country only have two seasons, dry and rainy :blush: