0.62.0 Splash Screen voting pool

Which splash screen should we use for 0.62.0?

  • Satrip’s mouse
  • Razputin’s flower
  • rylleman’s lighthouse
  • zenoscope’s spacemen
  • rore’s simple logo
  • headsquatter’s easy to handle
  • Genete’s dragon
  • pixelgeek’s mountain

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Animtim’s mouse

Razputin’s flower

rylleman’s lighthouse

zenoscope’s spacemen

rore’s simple logo

headsquatter’s easy to handle

Genete’s dragon

pixelgeek’s mountain

Can I suggest to vote for (at least) three (3 points for the first, 2 for the second and 1 for the third)?
Because all of them are very good, and it’s very difficult to choose only one.

AFAIK, the voting with values is not available in phpBB. Anyway just vote the one you would give the three points :wink:.

Perhaps it is possible. You can do another voting pool for two points, another for one point and the existing one for three. Then, you can multiply each one by three, two and one, and do the adition. (It’s only a sugestion. I repeat: All of them are very good, it is almost impossible to decide).

You can always give your opinion for the 3, 2 and 1 points here and vote in the pool for the 3 points decision. Anyway only one can go in the splash screen! :smiley:

Can I vote for Rylleman, if he changes the font he used ? :stuck_out_tongue: Or Animtim if he changed the background :mrgreen:

Ok, that’s a lot of “if”, but I think I remember rylleman saying he needed to work more on the text.

I will change the text. I don’t like it myself but my Synfig install wasn’t too good with fonts… I’ll have to create a new text elsewhere and import.

[moderator note - that won’t work. We have to have a stand alone sifz file for the splash screen as it is rendered at compile time]

I agree to change the background of my entry if people don’t like it… Would you prefer a plain color or simple gradient instead?

I agree with Rore,
the level of yours post is high but none image is perfect ! :unamused:
I dont want to be offensive, also my entry have errors,
maybe couse in true rarely the Art director, illustrator, and Graphic designer is only one people… so…
Why not cooperate?
I mean will be great to see the Animtim’s entries with the Rore’s Graphic design, just like example!
I hope to see somebody change my own image :wink:

Yep it would be a good idea ^^

ok, anyway… hard to choose between the spacemen and the lighthouse, I finally decided for the spacemen, at least there’s nothing to change, and there’s a kind of sence of action/motion that suits for the software :wink:

(Sorry Animtim, I wasn’t really sure how the mouse would look with a different background so I avoided it)

OK people - I’m going to take on genete’s co-ordictator role for the afternoon.

The entries stand or fall on their merits as presented. Vote for what you like. Don’t vote for something that doesn’t exist!

It is possible to set up multiple votes per poll, but not to assign different weights to each vote. Maybe we’ll do that next time. But we didn’t set up this one that way. We’re not going to change the rules partway through voting. Please choose the best one, in your opinion. Don’t abuse the system.


Don’t be sorry ^^ I was also hesitating between the lighthouse and the spacemen, and finally choosed the lighthouse
for its handmade style lines and kinda poetic atmosphere… But the Spacemen made me laugh so it was hard to choose.

Anyway for a futur splashscreen it could be interesting to work all together on something, combining the best skills of the community.

Sorry, pixelgeek. I didn’t want to be a nuisance. It was only that I like more than one. Even if I choose three. Each of them have its special feature. Finally, between the lighthouse, the mouse, the flower and the dragon (the logo is beautiful, but too much serious), my choice was the lighthouse. Both the dragon and the mouse are extraordinary, but I imagine them animated in a cartoon. I’m disconcerted by the spacemen, cos I don’t know if I must laugh or cry.
Don’t worry, it’s only my opinion.

No worries.

(I keep my opinions to myself for the most part, but I agree with many of the comments in this thread and the submission thread. )

ok don’t panic I did’nt mean to change this contest, my idea about cooperate is for the future.

I vote for zenoscope spaceman, because is an action in the middle of a movement, its a frame of an animation.
its strong so is easy to remember, and I ask to me, who is on the top trowing objects, what the other will do…
that represent good the idea of animation, with a past and a future.

the pixelgeek’s entries on the opposite can have more value as a part of an animation, Inkscape is to draw, to see the inkscape logo “morphing” in the Synfig logo will give the full idea of what synfig is made for! will be great as promotional, also for a new showreel !
good luck!

Congratulations Genete!
A well deserved win. You’ve spent a lot of time, effort and talent on that dragon.

Congratulations Genete.
I was looking all challenges. Really, this comunity has great artists, and you are one of the highest. Il faut vous apeller “Maître”.

Woohooo!! \o/
Thank you very much for your votes and for your comments. Indeed I am very excited by the challenge, the release and how the synfig community has grown lately. Although win the challenge means more work for me, (due to the artwork needed to the website!) I’m so happy :smiley: :smiley:
And I wonder… would it be possible to animate this creature? It would be a real challenge!
Maybe can this dragon be the Synfig’s mascot?


'tis a beautiful picture, but I can’t imagine trying to animate all of those scales individually.
IMHO mascots should be cute, preferably small and furry.

Just my $0.02.