0.61.09 splash screen voting pool!

Which splash screen should we use for 0.61.09?

  • Pixelgeek’ robots
  • Pixelgeek’s duck
  • Genete’s lake
  • Zelgadis’s Ivan
  • evilkillerfiggin’s squid
  • Yaco’s spaceboys

0 voters

Those are the entries that has been sent to this challenge. (In order of appearance):

Pixelgeek’ robots:

Pixelgeek’s duck:

Genete’s lake:

Zelgadis’s Ivan:

evilkillerfiggin’s squid:

Yaco’s spaceboys:

Vote and good luck!!!

I voted for Ivan; It would have been Genete’s, but I thought it looked a bit too much like a label on those bottles of Natural Spring Water.

EDIT: But if Ivan does win, Zelgadis you might want to add in the version number. It being the whole point, and all. :slight_smile:

It’s too bad I didn’t have any time to make one myself, but I promise that next time mine will also be in the list.

I voted for Genete’s lake because I think it’s incredible to see what kind of beautiful effects are possible in Synfig.

I did not get to add one of my own. But the line up was a good one. Will have to catch it next time.

I’m surprised synfig-cthulhu got so many votes!

Great entries everyone, all of them beat the GIMP 2.6 splash screen IMO.

I voted for Ivan.

I like pixelgeek’s robots, but the version number is too hard to read. The .61. looks more like .dc.

Yaco’s spaceboys won [size=200]with[/size] 44% of votes.
Now let’s go for 0.61.09!!! :mrgreen:

^^ won with 44% (or won by 11%) :wink:

Yeah it sounded weird to me :blush:

Here is the winner file. Fixed an internal reference that produced a loading error.

synfig-splash-0.61.09.sifz (319 KB)

Hey! I downloaded the file and wanted to open it but I get an uncountable number of warnings. They all say: 'warning: Layer rejected value for ’ and at the end it says: ‘Too many warnings’.

You should update synfig to current svn or wait for 0.61.09 release. We made the file using the latest svn revision.

This is the splash again but with the logo on Ariel’s T-shirt linked to synfig-studio/images/logo.sif.
If you want to open it properly you must place the file in that folder before try to open it.

synfig-splash-0.61.09.sifz (316 KB)