0.61.09 roadmap & schedule

So, the artist challenge for September is to create a splash screen for the next release!

That means we release again in a month!

So if you have any patches, now is the time to get them reviewed and committed.

A fair bit has changed since the last release, but we should discuss what changes need to happen before releasing:

  • new splash screen from the challenge
  • …your ideas here…

Like last time, I propose a string freeze one week before we release so the translators can polish the translations.

I think we should aim to release on Saturday the 4th of September.

The process of releasing is documented for those that are interested.

If you would like to set priorities for the release after that, please edit the roadmap page.

What calendar are you using??? :wink:

You mean 4th October, right?

My favourite new feature in 0.61.09 - fit canvas to window button - use that alllllll the time. Also, I think there are several new types or value nodes, aren’t there?


Yep, October, woops :slight_smile:

Yep, several new convert types, documented on the wiki IIRC.

If anyone wants to create a summary of the changes since 0.61.08, please edit these two pages:

Short summary: synfig.org/Releases/0.61.09
Longer list of changes: synfig.org/Releases/0.61.09/Details

For inspiration, please read the SVN logs and these pages:


Hello everybody !

I can’t wait for 0.61.09… :cry: :cry: :cry:

So when will it be released ??? :wink: :wink:


in October as it has been said before :wink: