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First animation - for a metal band! (4)
[Image] Power Nap (1)
[Image] Smile Everyday!! :D (2)
Jannat's Silly Adventures Episodic Animated short (14)
Mobile app explainer video for CrowdPlayer (6)
Animation made with Synfig Studio (3)
Beaufort Scales Converter Test (2)
[Image] Saku (Fully Drawn in Synfig) (3)
Funny story (featuring cars drawn in Synfig) (1)
Baby chicken + .sifz file (1)
Conor Mcgregor Animation [Flash] (3)
[Image] Violet (1)
Anime in synfig (16)
LibreOffice Animation (12)
[Image] Monday (5)
Music video with Synfig animation (5)
My animations (8)
My first two animations (2)
Use of skeleton deformation to simulate movement of hair, water and cloth. (1)
My first homeschooling educational resources for children (4)
'Op3nCare' icon-based animations (7)
CARACOLES /Snails (3)
Animated Sonic in a music tutorial (Sonic Mania's Studiopolis) (1)
animated sprite (1)
A little Plague Inc animation :D (1)
Short Animation (2)
Albert Pike y su conciencia Cap. 1 (1)
Educational 2d animation Videos for Kids made with FLOSS tools (4)
Music visualization (13)
Synfig + Papagayo: Lipsync Test (1)